Heidi Darr-Hope, MFA

Mixed Media, Painting and Collage
Studio 2


Heidi’s life is her art and the art is her life.  Overlapping experiences fold over and into each other - the mundane and the sacred:

   her home, her husband, her son and his wife, her daughter, her garden, her stacks of books to read, her drawers of found objects and photographs, her nighttime dreams, her Movie Group, her dog Ziggy, her yoga & meditation practice, her grocery list, her BodyFit classes, her art and healing students, her love for scrumptious slow local food and delectable fine wine, her Circle of Dreams, her long list of places to travel…her desire to find the quiet within the roar…

Her life and her art follow an intuitive path influenced by it all.   Having worked as a professional artist and teacher for over thirty years, her hands and eyes and soul are trying their best to absorb it all, striving to live within the magical realm where the outer world melds with the inner.

Studio Work


When words are not enough to express what our soul is experiencing, the silent, symbolic language of art is a powerful bridge between the conscious and unconscious mind, the heart, and the soul.  So it is with our nighttime dreams, urging us onward into a place of mystery, a place where we can meet ourselves anew and discard old ideas in order to dig just a little deeper into our lives.  For over twenty years, she has been recording her nighttime dreams.  Incredibly disturbing as well as joyfully surreal, they hound her relentlessly until she gives them full attention.  Not only do these dream images enrich her life but they are an impetus for her creative work.  Her obsession with traveling to foreign places and experiencing the beliefs and traditions of each culture has also greatly influenced her studio work as well as her life.  How the secular and sacred intertwine, how indigenous traditions and modern beliefs weave a complex symbiotic relationship activates a deep curiosity within her.  When we jump of the tourist grid and leap onto the road less traveled, this “power of place”, where the veil between the physical and spiritual worlds is thinner, is palpable.  Her marriage to travel has taught her to slow down, pay attention and listen, ultimately leading her deeper into her most intimate journey inward.

Healing Icons®


South Carolina Midlands Magazine named Heidi as one of the top ten Woman Making a Difference, honoring the work she has done in the art and healing field. She established a non-profit - Healing Icons® – sometimes words are not enough, whose mission is to introduce the creative process as a means of understanding the emotional turmoil of life-disrupting events through self-expression.  Darr-Hope presents lectures and leads retreats throughout the country as well as internationally, on the restorative powers of art.  She knows creativity is a language everyone can learn to speak.   The participants in her Mallorca, Spain retreat experience the creative process, watch it blossom and unfold into a powerful enriching way of living. Her workshops are also offered in Columbia, SC at Vista Studios - 808 Lady Street.

photo by Kasi Koshollek

Studio website – www.darr-hope.com

Contact – heidi@darr-hope.com

Retreats and workshop website – www.healingicons.org

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