Laurie Brownell McIntosh
Studio 6

2859 Gervais St.
Columbia, SC 29204


Body Language 1

I work in oils the majority of the time,               but since it is the process that interest me more, the mediums can change.

Much of this past year was spent exploring the process of batiks. In many of these                 batiks I revisited subject matter from previous work finding new ways to express old ideas through varied line and color saturation.

Presently, I am working on a new series               in oil dealing with the expressive realtionships of single iconic figures by using layers of color, texture and minimal line.

I am drawn to the process of creating... drawn to what happens when you allow your every day self to leave the room and let that elusive creative hand step in and work... drawn to that magic of the moment when the every day self steps back in and is proud of the outcome of the process... drawn to the charm of someone else liking your work. It’s the last of these that endangers the truth within the process and must be monitored at all times.

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