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808 Lady Street
Columbia, SC 29201
803. 252. 6134

Thursday - Saturday 11::00 am - 5:00 pm or by appointment

Directions & Parking

Parking available at street meters and just across the street in the Washington/Lincoln St Parking Garage. First hour free, max $3 after 5pm. The entrances to the garage are located on Washington and Lincoln Streets.  There is an elevator at the Lincoln and Lady corner of the garage. 

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Rental Information

Gallery rental agreement

Gallery 80808 in the Vista Studios may be leased from the Vista Studios group for the purpose of displaying art. We are pleased to be able to offer this facility at a reasonable rate and to provide fellow artists with a quality area in which to display and sell their artwork. The following guidelines must be met when leasing our gallery

1. Acceptable Work
All work must be hung or displayed in a professional manner. We may ask that sample works representative of the planned show be submitted for jurying by our Review Committee.

2. Artist's Responsibility

The artist is responsible for the set-up and removal of the exhibition, manning the gallery during all show hours, and sales. (There is no gallery staff). In addition, the exhibitor is responsible for her/his own advertising. However, Vista Studios has a monthly ad in Carolina Arts to which we will be glad to add information about your show if you provide us with its title and names of participating artists by the 10th of the month preceding the month of your show. If you have questions concerning your responsibilities, just ask any of the studio members.

 The artist is responsible for security and care of the gallery and studio space during openings/receptions that occur after-hours or on weekends.  The artist is responsible for the activities of any artists that accompany him/her in the show and invited visitors.  Any damage to the space will be charged to the artist.  If you have questions concerning your responsibilities, please ask any of the studio members.

3. Vista Studios' Responsibility

While all due care will be taken, Vista Studios/building owners are not responsible for nor will reimburse for any damaged or missing pieces of art or other property while on display. Artists displaying work in the Gallery can choose to secure “floater” insurance coverage for their artwork during shows, in transit, etc. Vista Studios will not sell or act as an agent for the artist. Items and artwork left more than a week after the exhibition closing date will become the property of Vista Studios.  If alcoholic beverages are served at any time, the renting party will assume full responsibility for proper and legal serving of these beverages and any subsequent liability.

4. Scheduling a Show

Shows in Gallery 80808 may run for up to two consecutive weeks, with rentals starting on Thursday mornings and ending on Tuesday night. An exhibition calendar is posted in the office area to show the dates when the Gallery has already been reserved. You must schedule your show through Dick Lamar (803-771-7008). The gallery cannot be reserved during the two art-related Vista events which occur each spring and fall, when studio members, themselves, mount a exhibition.

5. Exhibit Setup and Removal

The exhibition spaces will be available for set-up beginning Thursday morning of the week(s) rented. Your show must be removed by Tuesday night at the show’s end. Due to the fragile nature of the lighting system, light heads should not be moved along the track, but may be aimed if necessary. Under no circumstances should the artist’s set-up block any view into or physical access to individual artists’ studios unless permission has been obtained from the occupant. This includes keeping all hallways clear of tables, chairs, louver doors, coolers, and the like. (Tables and chairs are permitted in the halls during receptions as long as blockage does not occur. They should be removed by 11 a.m. the following day.) Gallery 80808 reserves the right to remove items that are in violation of this guideline. The gallery will attempt to reach the artist by phone before items are removed. (If there is no response within 24 hours and the gallery must handle the clearing of items, the deposit will be forfeited.) The renter may store items in the telephone room, provided that there is always clear access to the sink.

6. Fees and Deposits


Main Gallery (Main Gallery + Front Hallway):    $250.00/week    

Entire Gallery (Main Gallery + Atrium + Hallways):    $375.00/week    

Special Summer Rates (June / July / August):

Main Gallery:    $175.00/week    

Entire Gallery:    $275.00/week    

A separate deposit check for $50 per week for just the gallery or $100 per week for the gallery with additional space will be held to secure your reservation and to insure that the display areas are properly cleaned, spackled, and painted the day the show comes down. The deposit will be returned after the Gallery area has been inspected and approved by the Vista Studios Exhibition Board. The supplies for patching and painting are located in the storage area. The patching material is White Lighting Spackle. The paint is Sherwin-Williams ProMar 400 Interior Latex Flat 6405-10111 Extra White B302451 Y3-1/64 B1-1/128. The deposit will also be forfeited if the artist cancels a show less than two months before the planned opening or fails to follow the guidelines for setting up the show as specified in #5 above.”

7. Opening Night Reception

The atrium may be used for the opening reception without charge. The building owners do not encourage the service of alcoholic beverages. However, if alcoholic refreshments are served, the renter bears full responsibility and is expected to comply with all S.C. laws pertaining to the service of alcohol. Since Vista Studios is a work/retail area, the reception area and Gallery must be cleaned (swept, mopped, and food items, coolers, and trash removed, etc.) by 11:00 a.m. the following day. If the reception crowd overflows onto the outside patio, this area should be cleaned up as well. Any items set up in the hallways for the reception should also be removed. (See #5 above.) Our cleaning service has agreed to assist after the reception at the renter’s cost, should help be desired.(depending on their availability) They can be reached at 446-0118. The renter remains responsible for insuring that everything is in order. The work of studio members will remain displayed in the atrium and halls unless the artist has rented those areas along with the Gallery for exhibition purposes. Individual studios will be closed during opening night receptions. Members may still come and work in their studios but should keep their doors closed. If the exhibiting artist invites a member to have his/her studio open, this invitation must be extended to all members. If the studios are open, the exhibiting artist may ask for a fee to help with costs.

8. Heating and Air Conditioning

The Studios and Gallery are heated/cooled by four units and four thermostats in the closet at the entry. The far-right thermostat controls the unit for the main gallery space; the other three thermostats control the units for the individual studios and hallways. Before an event, the exhibitor should check the thermostat and adjust to his/her comfort level. During the summer heat, for any event late in the day, all four units should be set at 73°-74° in the morning the day of use. (On a weekday, the studios will most likely be cooled during the day, cooling will need to be continued through the event.)
After the event, the thermostat should be reset to the following:
Summer and Transition Seasons: Set cooling to 80
Winter: Set heating to 65
All Seasons: Turn fans off.

9. Security

It is essential that all doors be locked securely before leaving, including the double glass doors leading out to Lady St. These glass entry doors are not used by The Woody and are the responsibility of the exhibiting artists after hours. The artists should also check the restrooms and confirm that they are in order when locking up after each event. Please insure that all gallery lights are turned off, along with the neon sign above the Lady St. entrance.

10. Contact/Emergencies

Any problem encountered during an event should be reported to Dick Lamar on the next business morning (771-7008). If an emergency arises that needs immediate attention, Dick Lamar can be reached after hours at 252-8082

Gallery Layout

Gallery Layout