Heidi Darr-Hope, MFA  -  Studio 2


I hold the deepest gratitude to Art, for “she” has led me to places I never expected to travel.

The making, the crafting of art, soothes, stimulates, quiets, engages, frustrates, calms and stirs my soul. That I never know what will come from this process is terrifying and electrifying. It makes me feel alive.

My inspiration flows intuitively from the stuff of life
Revealing the remarkable within the ordinary
Leading me towards my truest spiritual self
Urging me to see the entire world before I die
Encouraging me to learn deeply from words of poets and thinkers
Inspiring me to understand my ceaseless nighttime dreams
Helping me find the quiet within the roar
All this intertwines, fueling the images I create

My marriage to Art and my Dream and Travel Muses continually teach me to slow down, pay attention and listen, always leading me deeper into my most intimate journey inward.

Selected Career Highlights:

Professional artist and teacher for over thirty five years
Received numerous honors and awards:

  • Commissioned Annually since 1994 Global Vision Award, World Affairs Council, Columbia, SC
  • Elizabeth O'Neil Verner Award - The governor's highest awards in the Arts
  • Twin Award in Health and Wellness - Tribute to Women in Industry
  • SC Artists’ Ventures Imitative Grant. South Carolina Arts Commission
  • Top Ten Women Making a Difference -   South Carolina Midlands Magazine

Exhibited work both nationally as well as internationally:

  • Houston, TX.  Atlanta, GA.  Chicago, IL. Southampton, NY.  San Diego, CA. Philadelphia, PA.  Washington, DC. 
  • Ontario, Canada.  Rome, Italy.  Krefeld, Germany.

Collected by over 30 national and international corporations as well as by numerous private collectors such as Coca Cola USA, Bell Communications, Home Box Office, and Marriott Corporation.   Locally, Palmetto Health, the Palmetto Conservation Foundation, the Columbia Museum of Art, the South Carolina State Museum as well as the South Carolina Arts Commission

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www.darr-hope.com for a deeper look into my art
www.healingicons.org for a deeper understanding of my teaching