I love to paint. There is a satisfaction in reflecting what is seen onto canvas. Whether it is a beautiful landscape, interesting person, or a simple object - as long as I am painting I am happy. Canvas, paint, and subject matter. That's all I need for the perfect day.

Teaching others to paint is also a favorite pursuit. I am dedicated to sharing the pleasure of making art. I have a successful history teaching art to all age groups. My lessons are taught with the principle that everyone can learn to communicate through painting.

Michel McNinch has followed her creative desires to pursue a life as a professional artist. She has seen the artistic inclinations she had as a child grow into a successful career.

Michel specializes in portraits, landscapes, and works in series. She enjoys painting realistically with an interpretive style. In her portraits, she strives to create figures that are realistic and uses symbolism to reflect the personality of her model. Constantly inspired by the life and beauty found in everyday surroundings, McNinch conveys that inspiration onto the canvas and seeks to connect with her viewers in the resulting images.

Michel welcomes questions about her work and her classes. 

Email: michel@michelmcninch.com