Pat Gilmartin  -  Studio 8


I have always had an interest in art but only as an observer and small-time collector. For most of my life, my "day job" was that of professor of geography at the University of Victoria (British Columbia) and the University of South Carolina. In these positions I specialized in cartography, the art and science of maps, and so managed to maneuver my love of art into the design and understanding of maps.

Several years ago I decided to take a workshop in ceramic sculpture and fell in love with it immediately. Determined to follow my passion, I began the transition from teacher to artist and have not looked back since. Being a full time artist has literally been a new life for me - one that I love and look forward to continuing for many years to come. 

Not surprisingly, my art has evolved through time. In my sculpture I concentrate on figurative work, both human and animal figures, sometimes combined. I always try to incorporate an element of ambiguity in my sculpture, thus inviting the viewer to project their own interpretations into the work. Recently I have begun to experiment with a completely different medium: fused glass. I enjoy the brightness and clarity of the glass colors and have also enjoyed the process of learning to handle a very different material. But I am not abandoning ceramics - just trying out a new direction.

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